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11-year-old Tristan Pang completed Year 13 in 2013 with the final grade A* (the highest grade) in Cambridge A levels becoming the youngest maths student in the University of Auckland. He is the youngest TED talk speaker in New Zealand and is also one of the youngest in the world.

 It’s fun to be inquisitive.
Be nosy! 
Stick to your passion.
Find out more for yourself.
Quest is fun.

Life is full of fun. I enjoy every bit of it.  I created Quest-is-fun (QIF) just for fun. I want to share things with you, and I hope to inspire people of all ages. Your comments are valuable to me.

 – Tristan Pang

Founder of ‘Quest-is-fun’ and

‘Tristan’s Learning Hub’

Aged 12, as of 2014

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The Theory of Everything – String Theory