A Battle

A Battle

by Tristan Pang, Year 7, 20/5/2013

Suddenly the grenade exploded. Bullets scattered everywhere like sowing seeds. He wanted to run, but he did not know whether forwards or backwards. He just stood in the middle of nowhere, a statue with the sand beneath its feet turning to stone. I pulled him back to our base as the enemy kept pursuing and shooting after us. Bang…bang…bang….

“Almost there,” I mumbled with a bit of relief, “Five metres….one metre…finally… ”. I called for backup, a machine gun at our base.

Everything became silent. So silent that we could hear our heartbeats. A gap in the shooting! I paused, listening for movement. They ran out of bullets! This was my golden chance. I left him, my team-mate Steven, and leapt out.

I heard the tiny whisper of footsteps and clicking sounds. It was Kevin, the sniper and attacker for our opponent, reloading his gun. He was shocked and sweating like a pineapple when he saw me. I shot him straight in his face.

Kevin, a sly and aggressive young man, allied with the strongly built Jack who defended their base. They took advantage of upstairs in the study with the desk as a bunker and chairs as mobile personal carriers armed with semi-automatic revolver.

Being an attacker and midfielder against these two enemies, I allied with the chubby Steven, the defender, who sometimes behaves a little clumsy and indecisive. Our team had the fully automatic machine gun and rapid fire gun. We hid behind the couch which provided us a fortress like a trench and enough room for a command centre.

Loaded with ample of bullets, Kevin started fighting back for revenge. He fired desperately, hoping to hit something or someone. “Ahhhh….” I felt the jolt of contact in my hand. The shock made me lose my grip of my weapon; it fell from my stinging fingers. He shot me few more times. His confidence and stamina grew in strength. Without the weapon, I lifted my shield and blocked the bullets. “Clang…clang…clang….” The clashing of bullets and shield filled the whole battlefield.

After several seconds of being attacked, I lost my patience and temper. I picked up my gun again and battled back at him as if to pound him into the ground. He bounded out of the way and came back strongly. Steven saw his chance and stepped in, and so did Jack.

“Ring…ring…ring…” the deafening noise shook us. All four of us cried out in an edgy voice, “War alert…let’s run away….”

“Stop being silly, boys. No more Nerf guns now!” My mum shouted while ringing the bell, “Time to tidy up!” We all woke with a startling jolt. All we could see was the post-war messy house!