I have to thank Ficino School who gave me an opportunity to enter the school science fair and later endorsed me to enter the 2013 NIWA science fair. Thank you, New Zealand Herald, for featuring me with my winning science fair project in your September issue, which was the perfect timing for TEDx Youth Auckland in looking for speakers for their inaugural event . And also, thank you TEDx, for inviting Mr Andrew Patterson (RadioLIVE) to be our speech coach for the event.Image003

Without getting to know Mr Patterson, I would not have the courage to start my two websites (  & I am immensely grateful to Mr Patterson, who has helped set me up along the way to where I am at present. I could have not done it without him. My sincere thanks and appreciation for his wholehearted encouragement, invaluable support and insightful advice. I am deeply moved by his passion for unlocking the full potential of young people (Please view Mr Andrew Patterson’s TED talk).

My heartfelt thanks to my brilliant parents for their financial support on my websites. I thank them for loving me, helping me shape my thoughts and making my two websites a reality. No one has believed in me more, and they have my deepest admiration and gratitude.

And finally, thank you to you viewers out there for taking your time to view my sites. Hope you enjoyed them!

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