Air (metaphor)

October weather in Auckland

By: Tristan Pang, Year 6, October 2012

You are the Greek god Zeus raging

           crazily round the roof trying to blow the world down.


You are the Anglo-Saxton monster Grendel cracking

          restlessly on the creaking beam trying to hunt men for your dinner.


The grass sways, the trees rock, the clouds rolls.

You smash my cheek, stir my hair,

            pull my legs as you pass by.


Fire (personification)

By: Tristan Pang, Year 6, October 2012

  Kindling, spark, then flames,

          lick a hole in the dark.  

The burning logs crackle, a symphonic melody

         breaking the silence.  

A wisp of smoke grows further, then rises higher.  

A flaring giant genie dancing waveringly

          that gives us warmth, light and hope.  

Fire (simile)

By: Tristan Pang, Year 6, October 2012

Fire is blazing red.

It tastes like hot chilli pepper,

    sounds like pork crackle being chewed in the mouth,

    smells like acid mixed with rotten egg in the lab,

    looks like a fiery giant beast dancing in the dark.

It makes me feel breathless and dazzling!

Water (simile)

By: Tristan Pang, Year 6, October 2012

  River is like waltz,

              cheerful and romantic.

Lake is like baroque,

              gentle and soothing.

Waterfall is like scherzo,

              lively and playful.

Ocean is like symphony orchestra,

              free and contrasting.