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Tristan is a genuinely curious and fun loving 12-year-old boy. He finds that learning is an amusing game. At school, he is a Year 8 student, who enjoys his school life and the responsibilities of being a head boy.  At home, he teaches himself in multi-levels. He started doing maths, and reading fiction and non-fiction books independently before he turned two. He has been sitting Cambridge International Exams as a private candidate since he was nine, earning top grades.  

He completed Year 13 last year with the final grade A* (the highest grade) in Cambridge A levels last year becoming one of the youngest maths student in the University of Auckland. He is the youngest TED talk speaker in New Zealand and is also one of the youngest in the world.

Tristan has extensive interests. He is a cadet of St John, squad member of the swimming club, member of Mensa, member of the New Zealand Association for Gifted Children, a Speech and Drama student, and a piano player. He enjoys all science subjects, literature and philosophy.

He believes that age and experience are not the main concerns in progression to excel in his ambitions, but “Think Big”, “Plan Ahead”, “Get Organized”, and “Go For It” are crucial. He is inspired by Albert Einstein’s saying, “There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.”

He has always been fascinated by the relationships between light and energy, and is also interested in quantum physics and time travel, as well as how the human body and mind works. He is planning to be a science researcher in these fields.