It is spring!

It is spring!  (Free Form Poem on Spring Time School Backyard)

By: Tristan Pang, Year 7, 9/11/2013

 An old friend landing south

silently in our land.

Peaceful, lively, awakening.

A pacifier in our land…

announcing, “I am coming!”.


Robins chirping melodies

symphonic in the air.

Harmony, rhythmic, stunning.

A choir in the air…

singing, “It is spring!”.


Godwits forming patterns

manoeuvring in the sky.

Synchronized, highly collaborated.

Aircrafts in the sky…

showing, “It is spring!”.



Bushes budding flowers

gently on the lawn.

Green, brown and wet.

Factories on the lawn…

revealing, “It is spring!”.


Daisies blossoming petals

blooming on a stick.

Yellow, tiny and bubbly.

Machines on a stick…

presenting, “It is spring!”.


White butterflies fluttering

gliding in the breeze.

Silent, pleasant and pure.

Paper in the breeze…

illuminating, “It is spring!”.


Houseflies buzzing around

irritating on my skin.

Aimless, flying itches.

Intruders on my skin…

declaring, “It is spring!”.


Clouds floating randomly

bobbing in the sea.

White, grey and fluffy.

Sheep in the sea…

sketching, “It is spring!”.


Air releasing freshness

diffuses everywhere.

Natural, divine fragrance.

Zeus everywhere…

emitting, “It is spring!”.


Sun lighting souls

giving warmth to us.

Bright, gentle and friendly.

A protector to us…

proving, “It is spring!”.


Mother Nature so kind

providing the season of spring.

Summer, autumn, winter,

and follows is spring…

“Welcome spring!”