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Northern Club

July 2020

Collab: collaboration with global educator

May 2020 (by means of online publication due to COVID)

New Zealand Association for Gifted Children key note speech

March 2020 (by means of publication on Tall Poppies due to COVID)

Southern Cross Campus High Achiever’s 1-day workshop @ UoA

Feb 2020

Southern Cross Campus High Achiever’s Breakfast

November 2019


30 July 2019

Brain Boxes

Looking at the sheer determination and inner drive of a concert pianist, a pilot and a young mathematician graduating university before his peers even finish high school, Brainboxes examines the burden of being gifted in New Zealand. Made with the support of NZ On Air.

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TVNZ website:


New Zealand Herald (Canvas Magazine)

27 July 2019

Gifted child Tristan Pang’s remarkable rise to university graduate at 16

On Tuesday, TVNZ airs the first of a two-part documentary looking at the lives of gifted children. Greg Bruce meets one of its stars, Tristan Pang.

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TVNZ (7 sharp)

1 May 2019

Meet New Zealand’s youngest university graduate

Tristan Pang graduated from Auckland University with a Bachelor of Science degree.

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TVNZ website:

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Southern Cross Campus workshop

May 2019

-Mensa Asia Pacific Conference

May 2019

Blockhouse Bay Intermediate School

February 2019

Ficino School Annual Prize Giving Ceremony

December 2018

Media due to being a Breakthrough Junior Challenge Semi-finalist

November 2018

Manurewa High School

September 2018

Newmarket Primary school Maths week

August 2018

Raising Tristan (by Elaine Pang)

July 2018

Fiftysix Creations Business Camp (judge and speaker)

July 2018

Rotary Club of Auckland Harbourside

April 2018

Education Evolve – Thought Leadership Roundtable hosted by HP and CoSN (the Consortium for School Networking), Stage interview

November 2017

Rotary Club of Otahuhu

June 2017

New Zealand Herald

24 March 2017

What’s next for NZ’s teen genius?

Maths whiz Tristan Pang, 15, could be New Zealand’s brightest young mind. He talked to science reporter Jamie Morton about his future…

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Meet the teenager from Auckland who loves pure maths and string theory

April 3, 2017

At 13, he was the youngest undergraduate to study maths at the university.

He was doing high school maths as a toddler and, aged 9, he scored 97 percent in the Cambridge Examinations.

In many respects, Pang is extraordinary with a bright future in academia; in other respects he’s a very normal Auckland teenager…

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World Science Festival

22nd – 26th 2017



THE FUTURE IS IN GOOD HANDS A glimpse into the future of scientific innovation from the perspective of those whose lives will directly depend on it. Four of the brightest young scientific minds from around the world are taking on global challenges with enthusiasm, innovation and maturity as they prepare to accept the baton from our current international experts. Join renowned Australian Nobel laureate Professor Brian Schmidt in conversation with these young thought leaders as they discuss the role of science and technology in overcoming some of the major challenges facing humanity.

Watch this space!


Crimson Hub

August 2016

Skipping High School And Going Straight To University – Tristan talks about his learning progression when he was younger, stumbling across the Cambridge International Examinations at the tender age of 9. At this age he decided to take the IGCSE Mathematics Exam; he scored a perfect score of A*. Having completed his Mathematics A Levels with an A* by 11, he felt confident enough to finish his other A Levels and start his tertiary studies at the University of Auckland.

Tristan’s University Experience – Having started his tertiary studies at the age of 12, Tristan states that there are various advantages and disadvantages. Hear about his unique experience here.

Getting Straight A’s At University – Tristan talks about achieving straight A’s at University, providing tips on doing so. He talks about the trap that some university students often fall into, how you can avoid them, and stay on top of your grades and classes.

UoA Science Scholars Programme – Tristan talks about being inducted into the University of Auckland’s prestigious Science Scholars Programme and what’s involved within this six-semester (3 year) programme.

australian tv

Australian National TV

The Morning Show – The Child Genius series

Meet the 14-year-old boy completing university

July 2016

“Boy genius Tristan Pang chats to The Morning Show about teaching himself maths at 2-years-old and being one of the youngest people to do a TED talk.”


mensa spain

Interview by Omnia – Magazine of Mensa Spain


August 2016

“A s u s 1 4 a ñ o s d e e d a d e s t á a c t u a l m e n t e e s t u d i a n d o m a t e m á t i c a s y f í s i c a e n l a U n i v e r s i d a d d e A u c k l a n d . Permanentemente curioso e inquisitivo, Tristan ha creado un enorme acervo de material educativo en ciencia y matemáticas para niños; produce y presenta un programa de radio; ha hecho ponencias en múltiples congresos y eventos (incluyendo TED Talks); da clases a otros estudiantes… Su enormes curiosidad y fascinación por el mundo que nos rodea le hace, valga la expresión, un auténtico “chico renacentista”…”

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English translation:

Mensa world cover boy

Mensa World Journal

Mensa International Scholarship Winner

August 2016 Issue 043

“Tristan Pang (pictured at right), a self-described 14 year old university student as well as Founder, Producer, Broadcaster, Speaker, Webmaster and Tutor from Auckland, New Zealand won the USD $2,000 scholarship.”




To infinity and beyond with the world’s child prodigies

May 2016

“The movie The Man Who Knew Infinity is currently doing the rounds…

Auckland’s Tristan Pang – born 2001 – started doing high school maths at 2. At 9 he gained 97 per cent in the Cambridge Examinations. At 12 he set up a free online learning platform -“Tristan’s Learning Hub” – and is currently studying maths and physics at the University of Auckland, with a special interest in the relationship of light and energy, quantum physics, and time travel.

He is named as one of 10 child prodigies who might change the world…”

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free range

Talk at Manurewa High School & Dilworth School (Rural)

May 2016

Growth Mindset and Free Range Learning 




April 2016


“Tertiary education should provide a platform for learners to pursue subjects that they are passionate about as happiness tends to breed success…”


tall poppies

Tall Poppies – Magazine of the NZ Association

for the Gifted Children 

Seeing the bigger picture: my journey to unlock the beauty of maths

March 2016

“I have loved exploring all sort of things from a very young age. Of these, there is one thing that is quite unusual… at least for a young child. That is maths…”

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tristan's learning parable

Talk at Manurewa Intermediate School

19 January 2016

Tristan’s Learning Parable Video:

NM school

Skype Talk at New Market Primary School

10 December 2015

Newsletter (p.2) :


Talk at Ficino School

27 November 2015

Ficino School Graduate Inspires Students


Explorers Club @ Mt Albert, Auckland, NZ

5 September 2015

Workshop: “Beyond the Numbers

New Zealand Association for Gifted Children 40th Anniversary Conference @ University of Waikato, NZ

4 July 2015

Workshop: “Beyond the Numbers” 


New Zealand Herald Canvas Magazine 

9 May 2015

The Lorde Generation

“…then there is TRISTAN PANG, a bona fide child genius who uses the internet to take his message to the world…”

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Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival 2015, United Arab Emirates (stage interview)

22 April & 24 April 2015

Child geniuses appear at SCRF 2015

Tristan Pang was invited by the Sharjah Ministry of Education and Department of Cultural & information attending a stage interview at one of the UAE’s largest events – Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival.

Tristan talked about his learning, goal setting, planning, and social responsibilities.

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India Today, New Delhi

2 April 2015

5 Little Wonders you should know about

“Child prodigies are extremely rare to find but when you do they stun you and leave you speechless with the amount of knowledge they have garnered even before they come of age. Here is a list of child prodigies you should know about…Tristan Pang: The most recent child prodigy of the lot, Pang could do high school math with ease at the age of two. He aced the Cambridge International Examination IGSCE math (Year 11) with 97 per cent. He also created free online learning platform called Tristan’s Learning Hub and enroled at the University of Auckland, all at the age of 12.”

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Stage Interview at the Visible Learning Plus Conference, Ellerslie Event Centre

27 March 2015

Stage interview to inspire a big group of educators.

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Speech at Ponsonby Intermediate School 

13 March 2015

Tristan talked about his learning and social responsibilities experiences to 600 students and teachers at the Assembly of Ponsonby Intermediate School.

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Purple Cow Collective (Interview with Messi) 

26 January 2015

Meet Tristan Pang, child prodigy and inspiring teenager out to impact globally

“So Tristan is thirteen and is all set to attend full-time University in Auckland, New Zealand this year to complete his Bachelor of Science. With a real thirst for learning, Tristan is committed to helping others. In his very short life, he has founded two websites, finished school, spoken at TEDx and in numerous other forums.Tristan has been described as one of ten child prodigies who may even change the world. Despite all of this, Tristan remains humble and very approachable young man.
Everyone has talent and a passion for something and in Tristan’s case its Maths, Science and logic…”

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Presentation at the Auckland Grammar Boys School In-zone Project  Academic Camp

6 January 2015

Presentation on Tristan’s learning, goal setting, planning and community services to inspire a group of high school students.

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Award: 2015 Innovation Fellows, USA

January 2015

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Speech at Network for Learning

27 November 2014 

Tristan made a presentation about his view on education to the staff at the Network for Learning.

Network for Learning is set up by the Ministries of Education and Finance. It is all about supporting the efforts in schools in their use of digital technologies for increasing student engagement and achievement.

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 Speech at the Auckland Primary Principals Association


21 November 2014

Tristan delivered a talk at the annual event of the Auckland Primary Principals Association. It was well-received by the principals and guests.

Please click here to watch the speech.

Please click here to read my speech.

Please click here to the Auckland Primary Principals Association newsletter.

 Tall Poppies – Magazine of the New Zealand Association for Gifted Children


November 2014

Boy on a mission…

“Tristan Pang is a curious, compassionate and fun-loving 12-year-old boy. He’s also very proud to be Head Boy at Ficino School in Auckland, especially as this is Tristan’s final year at school. As from next year, this gifted, self-taught mathematician will be a full-time student at the University of Auckland. He talked to Claire Preen about life so far…”

Please click here to view the interview

Menzed – Magazine of Mensa New Zealand

October 2014

A word with Tristan Pang…

“We were lucky enough to ask Mensa member and University of
Auckland student Tristan Pang a few questions before he heads
off to Europe for a school trip. Already, he has chalked up a number of achievements, including talking at TEDx in Auckland, getting a top Cambridge A-level grade, and starting up educational websites. Not bad for someone born this century!”

Please click here and scroll down to page 6 to view the interview.

Innovative Reward System

July 2014

In answering the question: “What should Auckland spend money on to become the world’s most liveable city?”. Tristan Pang shares his idea of an innovative reward system relating to education. The ultimate goal is to increase the morality of people, and hence, making Auckland the world’s most livable city.

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21st Century News, Australia

31 July, 2014

10 Child prodigies who may change the world 

The world will never tire of child prodigies simply because they never fail to inspire. Naturally gifted, these young geniuses remind us to look into ourselves and think about how we’re using our own gifts and talents to impact the people around us. Here are ten child prodigies you’d want to keep your eyes on…

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 TVNZ Seven Sharp (TV feature with Jehan Casinader)


16 July, 2014

Tristan for PM?

Meet a 12 year old contender for the Beehive’s top office…


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MITV Interview (Manurewa Intermediate School TV Channel  with Mareko Tupaea-petero)


23 May, 2014


Questions: As people see you as one of the smartest kids in New Zealand, what other things do you enjoy? What is your point of view when it comes to technology and it’s place in education? If you enjoy technology, Apple or Microsoft? How were you driven, motivated and encouraged to be the person that people see you as today such as a persistent learner, an achiever, and also a teacher? How do you approach the world of learning? What are the greatest experiences/achievement that you made? We have our Manurewa Intermediate Learners Keys To Success, which are: Persistence, Passion, Work, Good, Risk takers, Ideas, Focus. Which ones are most important to you? The world itself has 7 Billion+ thinkers, How do you think people here in Manurewa Intermediate; can be the ones who stand out, who believe in change the world?

Please click this link for interview part 1:

Please click this link for interview part 2:

New Zealand Herald

nz herald

29 April, 2014 

Maths whiz’s website helps others to learn

… Learn like Tristan
*Tristan Pang is only 12 but is studying maths at the University of Auckland this year.
*Tristan has designed a website to help others to learn.
*The not-for-profit website explains math concepts in videos.

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WTV News (Freeview 28 or Sky 303) 

25 April, 2014
wtv interview 1

What is Tristan’s Learning Hub? How does Tristan make his videos? What made him build his websites? What is Tristan’s way of learning? What is the vision on his future? What does Tristan do in his spare time?… All these questions are answered in this interview.

This was the interview of 12-year-old Tristan Pang with WTV on April 2014. WTV is a Chinese Channel (Freeview 28 or Sky 303). So, when you watch it, please make sure you turn the caption on for the English translation.
Please click this link to view Tristan’s interview:

3News Firstline (TV interview with Tennessee Mansford)

22 April, 2014

From Lydia Ko to Lorde, young Kiwis are attracting plenty of attention on the world stage. But they’re not the only ones.

He’s head boy at his school, but 12-year-old Tristan Pang says he’s not so different from his friends.

“I still like the same things – it’s just a bit of brain stuff.”…


Please click this link to view Tristan’s interview:


Youth Summit, Festival of Education

23 March, 2014

Screenshot FoE youth summit 2
Screenshot FoE youth summit 3

This was the speech delivered by 12-year-old Tristan Pang at the Auckland Festival of Education in March 2014 at the Viaduct Events Centre. There were over 300 students from Whangarei to Hamilton attending…

Please click this link to view Tristan’s speech:


Stage Interview, Festival of Education

22 March, 2014

Tristan’s stage interview (17:10 – 30:25) at the Gala Dinner at the Auckland Festival of Education in March 2014 – the special Festival of Education edition of Parkinson live from the Viaduct Events Centre…

Tristan at Gala Dinner 2
Gala dinner interview picture 2

Please click this link and Tristan’s interview starts at 17:10:

Festival of Education interview

21 March, 2014

What is Quest-is-fun? What is Tristan’s Learning Hub? What makes you to build the websites? What is Flipped Classroom? What is your way of learning? Who inspires you on the education thinking? What is the vision on your future?… All these questions are answered in this interview.

Screenshot FoE interview 4

Please click this link to view Tristan’s interview:

Full version:



Menzed – Magazine of Mensa New Zealand

April 2014

Tristan is a New Zealand Mensan and whizzkid who is currently studying mathematics through Auckland University, aged twelve.
His answer (of “is our education system failing our society?”) is adapted from a speech made this month to the Festival of Education in Auckland—the full speech may appear in a future issue: keep your eyes peeled…

Please click here and scroll down to page 7 to view an extract of my speech on education.

 Speech at the Festival of Education 


21-23 March, 2014





Please click here to my speech “The Future of Education: but not as you know it”

The Dominion Post (Wellington & Christchurch)


22 February, 2014                                

TRISTAN PANG, 12-year-old superbrain from Auckland

The biggest issue facing New Zealand is education.
I think we’re using an outdated system. There was a report that said children learn better using technology and there’s not enough technology in schools…

(Please click the link below then click on”Tristan Pang” to view the on-line version: )

Independent Schools of New Zealand     

18 February, 2014

Ficino School student Tristan Pang uses his unique talent to inspire his peers

…Tristan works on this in his spare time and hopes to have thirty episodes ready to upload sometime in March. This is all while attending weekly mathematics lectures at the University of Auckland and discharging his duties as Head Boy at Ficino School.

( Please click this link: )

RadioLIVE (RadioLIVE Drive with Andrew Patterson)

8 January, 2014

12-year-old Auckland student to study maths at university 

Having already completed year 13 Cambridge maths with the highest grade A*, 12-year-old Tristan Pang will begin studying maths at the University of Auckland in 2014, and become one of the youngest students in New Zealand to commence university level maths.

( Please click this link: )  

Tristan Pang at TEDxYouth@Auckland


26 October, 2013  

Quest is fun, be nosy

A genuine love of learning and the ability to focus are two of the characteristics that have seen 12-year-old Tristan Pang achieve so much in such a short time. Year Seven at Ficino School, Tristan teaches himself at home and has been sitting Cambridge International Exams since he was nine and earning top grades. He will be a University Maths student by 2014. He is a cadet of St John, squad member of the swimming club, a member of Mensa and the New Zealand Association for Gifted Children, and a piano player. He enjoys all science subjects, literature and philosophy. Tristan believes the key to excelling is to: think big, plan ahead, get organised and go for it.

( Please click this link: )  

 Radio NZ (Afternoons with Jim Mora) 


10 September, 2013

Award-winning young scientist 

When Tristan Pang heads to the Photon Lab at Auckland University next week, he’ll be slightly younger than the other researchers. But, at the age of 11, the Year 7 student is already an award-winning young scientist whose work was recognised last night at the Auckland City Science and Technology Fair. His latest experiment – on milk bottles – is winning praise from food science researchers around the country.

( Please click this link: )     


New Zealand Herald

10 September, 2013


Fonterra bottles fail boy’s acid test

Eleven-year-old schoolboy wins science award for project on triple-layer milk containers.

( Please click this link: )




New Zealand Herald

2March, 2012

Meet the maths brain of New Zealand

Nine years old Tristan Pang has scored 97 per cent with grade A* in the Cambridge international mathematics exam usually sat by 15-year-olds.

Please click this link: )


Chinese Herald

23 November, 2013  

Another Breakthrough of a Young Scientist


Chinese Version: ( )


Click here to view the English translation.







 Chinese Herald

30 November, 2013   

From knowing Andrew Patterson’s story to thinking about “mentor”

Chinese version: ( )


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Chinese Herald








(  )


 Chinese Herald





Chinese version: ( )

Hong Kong Newspaper






Hong Kong Newspaper