by Tristan Pang, Year 7, 4/08/2013

The Swiss inscription said, “Speech is silver, silence is golden”. Speech is great, but not the greatest. Speech is of time, silence is of eternity.

Silence is everywhere beneath the noises, beneath the movements, beneath the thoughts. Silence is in another world, a world to explore and experience.

Silence is the heart of stillness, the ultimate and infinite light. Stillness lingers everywhere in our heart.

In meditation, or just even a pause, we will experience a moment of peace, silence and stillness when we fall still. We can use this to get away from the physical world and enter the spiritual world where we can unite with our real self, with God.

Silence might be rare but anyone can experience it. We will feel relaxed and also alone but not the uncomfortable loneliness, the happy one.

Silence is golden.